Saturday, 5 March 2022

STAGE 4 UPDATE... Price change and research.

   The demand for the Stage 4 2JZGTE TWIN TURBO High Flow kit is still strong and there is still no alternate option for a real 600hp twin sequential FULL kit.

  The main drama is the manifold porting and all the options available to achieve 600-700hp. The full solid weeks labor and low price forced the cancellation of the kit until the problem of low income is sorted. But no affordable solution cold be found other than a price rice to it's REAL value or it's worth. 

  Being a very unique twin turbo system, in sequential, bolted to one of the best 6 cylinder engines ever made, and such an iconic car, the resale value of these cars has skyrocketed in price in recent years and trying to find a good original example of the MK 4 Supra is becoming near impossible and seem the only way to make any decent power is to trow away the Twins and fit a"done to death" single turbo which destroys the uniqueness of these cars and therefore the value.

 BUT The Stage 4 kit has proven itself as a stock under bonnet appearance, twin turbo, REAL 700HP, 9 second quarter at 140mph, straight oem bolt on option which nothing exists like it world wide. 


   With the many components with the Stage 4 kit, to account for every restrictive part in the system, and the immense modifications to the stock parts, the price must be brought to a more realistic sustainable level to bring it up to what it value is really worth.  This final price has been determined or not fully finalized but if the customer is will to pay the preliminary price then the Kit can be produced.

  The final advertised price will be determined by what I can get alternatively in an equivalent time work doing other turbo high flow jobs. Currently the price is for a solid weeks intense work.

  The latest option is improved Turbine wheels, Better flow Compressor housing, improved flow Compressor wheel, Better wastegate flow and control, and many other things. These upgrades are above the previous options which have shown 730rwhp and 9.6 second quarter mile.


  Current development is looking into Stainless bigport manifold, 4 inch dump and a complete stage 5, all new components, 800+rwhp kit in sequential and look stock. 

 Plus a 2jzge twin turbo sequential, stock looking kit, to help the value of the GE cars. (saves changing  the head to gte or the whole engine)

  But R&D for a one man show on very limited budget and time will take some time unless funded or supported.

Friday, 4 June 2021

Not good for 2jzgte Stage 4

 After consideration and looking into a practical solution and not finding one, I have decided to not take on any more Stage 4 twin turbo builds.

Monday, 3 May 2021

2jzgte twin turbo Stage 4 kit news

 The potential of the STAGE 4 HIGH FLOW KIT is big and recent results show 700rwhp and 9.6 second quarter mile.

  But to get it to this level an enormous amount of labor goes into building it. With about 8 hours of hand porting to 50-60 hours to complete the kit, it come to a point where it is hard to justify the time spent for the value dollar charged.

 Meaning the supply of them will be limited and continuing them will be reviewed.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Munro Racing Turbochargers beginnings........

    Having been playing around turbo's and turbocars for 35 years I can remember the many trials and successes and failures trying to see "what happens" with anything to do a turbo set ups on an engine. I have to mention Brian Munro on here because he is the reason it all started. His first car was a white mark 2 escort which was first fitted up with twin solex standard carby's cleverly made from cutting two inlet manifolds and bolting both to the head "ok"but nothing compared to what was to come.

    He moved straight to turbo's after meeting guys like "Bob Triggs(triggsy)" and "Peter Taylor" at a servo he worked at. They mentored him and inspired him to go with an escort. The first turbo set up was an old "J" pipe exhaust manifold blowing through the standard carby. Then he moved to a fabricated manifold and blowing through a holly carby. This got him to the 12 second area at the drags. Meanwhile I was giving him help and advise thanks to a turbocharging workshop I was working at. The bug had truly hit then and he move up to better things and then bought Peter Taylors Mark 2 red escort. At the time Peter held the Andra SSCC national drag record at 11.2 with this red escort. Then Brian fitted his his own 2lt draw through weber carby set up. With some MSD ingnition and real boost he got the escort down to 11.04 seconds at 128mph on 25 pounds of boost. That is with a carby ,water injection MSD and a 2 valve cast iron head. What you would call a primitive setup by todays standards . But even regarded as real quick even these days.
    All this isn't without dramas with demage which was part of the learning curve. He was constanly twisting 9 inch axles in his 78 series borgwarner diff so we decided to go with an Auto gear box to soften the blow to the axles. We also dicided to go for EFI which the aftermaket seen was starting to get into. Being on a budget we dicided to go for a cheap brand which did cause us dramas. Early 2lt pinto efi set-up 9.8sec135mphBut the main hassle was trying to get the boost to come up on the transbrake , ( a race setup where first and reverse is locked together while you floor it)which is always difficult on Autos even on todays small capacity turbo engines. In the end we used a bit of nitrous oxide to help and it did by getting brian down the quarter in 9.8 seconds still with the 2 valve cast iron head, But now he had a cosworth block and of course good rods and big valves and camshaft.The turbo was a TO4B with a "H" trim compresor wheel which is considered "old school" by some today. But this "old school" car was the quickest in the country for a street car buy a full second.
So much for the "old school" thing.
    Upgrades didn't get much improvement, so his next big step was to go all out and he bought Tony Longhursts Siera Cosworth touring car engine (when they were pulled from racing in Australia at the time). This went in and I fitted a MOTEC ecu to it and a cosworth turbo with bigger exhaust housing. It was run on methonol and the result was a 9.7 second at 138 MPH. This was a time done many times and also ran in Supergas class at willowbank drag strip which proved consistant and reliable.The turbo was not anything special at all by todays standards. It was a TO4E or also known as a TB03 which is a bathurst racing spec turbo. It's specs were a large TO3 turbine wheel and a 60mm compressor wheel with a T04E compressor cover and an internal wastegated .82A/R turbine housing. cOSWORTH 600HP 9.8 SEC 138MPHSome would freak over the size of this being too small but this is what we found worked best with the transbrake and spool up and still make power.
    After several years and many successes the costs were getting hard to justify and motivation took its toll and the little red escort was eventually sold and all the race items with it.
    I carried on with turbocharger work and experiments out of interest and finally started this business. Working on many other race cars and tough street cars kept the experience coming. Now the business is 15 years old and much more advanced and staying ahead of the turbo technology.
     In the future there are several revolutionary turbo inventions an race car innovations along with hot rod turbo designs which I hope to bring to reality when time and money permit.